Our Team

Founder and CEO

Paolo is a 1st generation Filipino-Canadian entrepreneur focused on healthcare technology. Over the last 30 years, Paolo has been growing businesses in healthcare and business process outsourcing. Paolo is the Founder and current CEO of Nimbyx, a global tech company that scales businesses exponentially by leveraging data and technology.

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer for Nimbyx, Des brings more than 15 years of experience in platform development, solutions, and operations management to the company. Having joined in 2016 as one of the premiere and truly agile individuals in the Philippines, Des currently leads a robust team of designers and developers who innovate for a healthier world.

Managing Director

With a unique combination of experience working in large corporations while also having built organizations from the ground up, Mark is a hands-on leader who is as comfortable spending time on the frontlines as he is in the boardroom. Splitting his time between our Canadian and Philippines offices, he takes joy in building and supporting amazing teams who work together to accomplish great things.