Senior AI + ML Engineer

Nimbyx  •  

Our growing Innovation Center in Taguig, Metro Manila, is seeking a talented and creative individual to join our team dedicated to developing cutting-edge software products utilizing cutting-edge 3D generation and reconstruction principles.

As a key member, you’ll play a crucial role in:
• Conceptualizing and developing new software products leveraging 3D technologies, including triangular meshing and differential geometry.
• Implementing sophisticated algorithms to generate and reconstruct complex 3D models with efficiency and accuracy.
• Optimizing performance, ensuring seamless user experiences
• Collaborating closely with dental experts, researchers, and engineers to bring vision to life.
• Staying at the forefront of the latest advancements in 3D technology and contributing to our ever-evolving knowledge base.

We’re seeking someone with:
• Strong software engineering skills
• Proficiency in C++ and Python
• Experience with working with Triangular Mesh, 3D Generation, 3D Reconstruction and Point Cloud
• Problem-solving expertise: Possess the ability to tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions.
• Teamwork spirit: Collaborate effectively and thrive in a dynamic team environment.
• Passion for innovation: Demonstrate a genuine interest in pushing the boundaries of technology.