Workplace Manager

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The two foundational levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are physiological and safety … and that’s exactly what this role is designed to deliver.

As the Workplace Manager you will be accountable for ensuring that our workplaces are secure, inviting and operating flawlessly; and that our team members (your customer) are provided with the environment, tools, and equipment needed to exceed at their jobs. This position requires a driven, decisive, and operations-savvy professional with a collaborative work ethic and exceptional problem-solving skills. You’ll need to anticipate the needs of your customers, excel at leading others, and regularly “roll up your sleeves” to get the job done.

What you’ll do:

  • Overall office and facilities management including:
  • Housekeeping including pest control, cleaning.
  • Office security including security access card management.
  • Transportation and shuttle service
  • Deliveries and shipping
  • Manage sourcing, purchasing, distribution and inventory management for:
    • Computer equipment and networks
    • Office and pantry supplies
    • Promotional materials
    • And whatever else is needed to run the business.
  • Manage business continuity by anticipating points of failure and proactively working cross functionally to address them.
  • Take the lead in end-to-end planning and execution of office expansion projects / build outs.
  • Initiate and work cross-functionally to plan, organize, and execute team events.

What you’ll need:

  • Grit, passion, creativity, drive to succeed.
  • Culture fit: critical thinker/problem solver, open and honest, builds trust, committed to own growth.
  • Ability to lead within high-pressure, fast-paced, collaborative teams.
  • High degree of accountability and ownership
  • Self-motivated to produce excellent output and demonstrated initiative to improve the eco-system for your customers with little or no guidance.

Internally this role is referred to as a “mother hen” role, but at Nimbyx we welcome everyone regardless of who you are … at Nimbyx we care about the problems that you solve for your customer.