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Account Manager

The Account Manager will provide ongoing account management and technical support, with a positive can-do attitude. This person will

Application Support Specialist (Level 2)

The Application Support drives seamless IT operations, ultimately empowering users in their digital journeys with innovative solutions. 💪🌐✨

Associate Dentist

As an Associate dentist with ALINA, you must be excited and passionate about working with patients across all ages,

Brand and Content Manager

Elevate brands through captivating narratives. Lead content strategy, manage teams, and align creativity with business goals. Join us as

Brand Storyteller

📚✨ Craft compelling brand narratives. Engage audiences, drive awareness. Collaborate, create captivating content across digital channels.

Business Intelligence Developer

📊🌍 Dive into data analytics. Drive impactful, data-driven decision-making. Join us and make a difference!

Content Creator (Vancouver, BC)

🎨🔥 Join our team as a Content Creator. Impact an innovative, collaborative company and let’s create something amazing!

Content Creator / Influencer

We’re looking for a talented Gen Z content creator and influencer to join our team.

Creative Director

Creative Director The Creative Director will be responsible for the overall creative vision of Nimbyx and its brands, working

Customer Success Specialist

  We’re looking for passionate, tech-savvy dentists (licensed or under-board) to join our team. As part of our dynamic

Dental CAD Engineers

The Dental CAD Engineer is a highly-motivated graduate who have good computer skills, can learn fast, and want to

Dental Quality Management Specialist

Technology in Dentistry has evolved leaps and bounds, and if you are someone who’s studied in the field and

DevOps Engineer

Automate, scale, and drive continuous improvement. Be part of a team that pushes boundaries and achieves 99% uptime. 💻🚀🔧

Digital Content Manager

📚🌐 Craft captivating content across channels. Lead and collaborate, optimize for SEO, measure performance, elevate strategies. 🚀

Digital Marketing Officer – Paid Ads

📲💰 Stay updated on digital trends. Drive web traffic, customer engagement. Express company views creatively as a Digital Marketing

eCommerce Marketing Manager

Drive eCommerce success as a Marketing Manager: Optimize UX, lead PPC campaigns, enhance sales. Join us to shape seamless

Full-Stack .Net Developer

🚀🌩️ Build cutting-edge web apps, bridge the gap between legacy and modern, + drive innovation and excellence. 💻🔥

Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist The Graphic Artist is responsible for creating and executing visual concepts that communicate ideas and messages. This

Influencer and Customer Engagement Specialist

As an Influencer and Customer Engagement Specialist, you will be responsible for generating leads for Alina Invisible Braces and

Marketplace Paid Ads Specialist

This digital advertising expert will drive sales through powerful and high-converting shopping ads that captivate and convert browsers into

Orthodontic Fabrication Support Specialist

Begin your dental career as an Orthodontic Fabrication Support Specialist crafting custom invisible braces at ALINA! #Orthodontics #CareerOpportunity

Performance Marketing Manager

🚀 Target the right audience, amplify reach, analyze data, drive impact. Orchestrate compelling messaging and partnerships. 🎯✨

Performance Marketing Manager

Cultivate digital success as a Performance Marketing Manager at Nimbyx. Embrace the future of digital marketing today!

Project Manager

Project Manager is a highly determined leader, with proven success in delivering results under pressure. 🎯👩‍💼🚀📅 👥

Recruitment Lead – Technology

🌱🔍 Join as Recruitment Lead for Technology. Drive growth, attract exceptional talent, and manage recruitment resources efficiently.

Senior Account Manager

Senior Account Manager The Senior Account Manager is responsible for managing the relationships between our agency and our client

Senior Google Analytics Specialist

Lead data-driven success as a Senior Google Analytics Specialist. Elevate insights, drive growth, and shape digital excellence. Join us

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

As one of our Machine Learning Wizards🧙‍♂️ here at Nimbyx, you’ll be involved in creating mind-blowing algorithms and models,

Senior Recruitment Specialist

🌱🔍 Drive growth as Senior Recruitment Specialist! Attract exceptional talent for Tech, People & Culture, and Digital Marketing teams.

Senior Security Engineer

Secure Nimbyx’s tech ecosystem! 🔒💻 Join as a Security Engineer, building robust security protocols and maintaining IT infrastructure.

Senior UI/UX Designer

Shape world-class UI/UX at Nimbyx! 🎨✨ Join our team to create seamless experiences, drive innovation, and exceed user expectations.

Senior UI/UX Designer

🎨 Shape exceptional user experiences and journeys as a UI/UX Designer @ Nimbyx! Join us in innovating for a

Senior Web Developer

🌐✨ Design, implement & optimize web apps. Gather user feedback, uphold high-quality standards, stay tech-savvy. 🚀

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